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Sales tools for increased productivity

Smart sales tools that increase sales rep efficiency, reduce time waste, and give you a better overview of sales performance.

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Additional CRM functionality

HubSpot Sales Hub is the paid version of HubSpot CRM, and give you extra functionality to save time, do more, and grow better. 

HubSpot Sales Hub key features:

  • Multiple pipelines, currencies, and custom fields
  • Additional e-mail templates, sales automation, and in-app calling
  • Document tracking
  • Enhanced email tracking through Gmail and Outlook

Products, proposals, and e-signature

Get more work done using standard products, electronic proposals and e-signatures.

HubSpot Sales Hub key features:

  • Products – with analytics and reports
  • Electronic proposals – send a quote in less than a minute
  • E-signature to streamline the buying experience

Get a full overview of the numbers that matter

HubSpot Sales Hub offers a wide array of reports giving you a complete overview of sales performance, both as a sales manager and sales representative.

HubSpot Sales Hub key features:

  • Sales forecast and sales team KPIs
  • Recurring revenue and churn tracking
  • Identify what lead sources and sales assets generate the most revenue

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